First things first:

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There are people seeking and receiving help with housing today. Please give generously to the organizations that provide that help: OlyCAP, COAST, Bayside, Habitat, Dove House, Peninsula Housing Authority, Olympic Partners, Homeward Bound, Sarge's Place, the PDN Home Fund, and UGN/Jefferson Community Foundation.

We are deeply disappointed by the election result. We hope that our campaign will give focus to conversations that lead to housing for our low- and very low-income neighbors.

We are very grateful to all who supported our campaign and worked so hard on it. We are also very grateful to all who work every day to meet this need, often in ways that are never recognized.

Watch this space. Homes Now was a political campaign, and it will disappear, as campaigns do. This page will become Homes Now Jefferson, an information site about affordable housing, housing policy, the work of organizations, and other housing topics relevant to Jefferson County.

Our community will need this information as it considers the big question: If not the Home Opportunity Fund, what?

This effort is supported by:


ptsd Board of Directors, Port Townsend School District

Peninsula Housing Authority


Sarge's Place
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